The Flowering of Love: The art of Conscious relationships

2 day workshop: Exploring the Foundations of Intimate Relationships

Relationships are the very essence of human existence. From the moment you are born and throughout life, you continously develop intimate connections. Intertwined in this ‘tapestry of life’, we are social beings. Interconnected and interdependent on one another.

We all yearn for relationships rooted in authenticity, trust, and love. Yet we often find ourselves repeating patterns based in fear and disconnection.

This workshop invites you to investigate your ingrained beliefs and patterns towards relationships. But most of all it invites you to explore a heart-based way of relating that emphasizes love and presence as the very foundation.

When you consciously start to relate to another person in an intimate and vulnerable way, a deeper dimension of your being starts to awaken en rise to the surface. The relationship serves as a mirror, in which you start to recognize a reflection of your own existence.

In this process, you may start to wonder:

  • What is a conscious relationship?
  • What is the purpose of relating?
  • What is Love?
  • How do I relate to myself?
  • Who am I?
  • Why is it that the closer I get to someone, the more challenging the relationship will become?
  • How can I shift from patterns of fear and disconnection, towards openness, intimacy and love?
  • How can the relationship serve as a catalyst for growth and awakening?


Join me and Explore:

  • The main pillars of conscious relating: Presence, authenticity, love, truthfulness and vunerability
  • Relationships and Self-inquiry
  • Sacredness and transfiguration
  • Commitment and willingness
  • Polarity: understanding the role of attraction and playfulness
  • Tantra & sacred sexuality
  • Naturalness and connection in lovemaking
  • How to handle difficulties in relationships
  • Different types of relationships: monogamous, open, polyamorous and celibate





  • Practical ways to approach our loved ones with an open, loving and discerning heart.
  • Communicating our needs and wants with love.
  • To recognize patterns, conditionings and beliefs that withold us from true intimacy.

Discovering a deeper sense of trust and love beyond all of them. A meeting ground that is much more stable.

  • How to see conflict as an opportunity for growth. Taking the time to look at your relationship patterns and your wiring around love.
  • Commiting to a deeper understanding of your mind. This means, practicing taking ownership for our experiences, making self-inquiry our first response to any discomfort in our lives.
  • The inner attitude needed to move through challenges in relationships. Learning to use these difficulties to empower your spiritual practice and bring forth a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner.


To be able to truly connect with others, it is essential to establish a deep intimacy with oneself. Discover that relationships are the perfect mirror to see your own reflection. An invitation and a gateway to deepen into the Truth and Love that lie at the heart of your being.


When people are truly committed to building a sacred and conscious relationship, what they’re really committing to is an honest, authentic and loving relationship to Self. Total transparency, connection and love are only there to flourish, if you know yourself and recognize who you truly are.

This workshop is open to singles and couples.


“Love is the bridge between you and everything.”