Tantric Sacred Sexuality: The art of Conscious Love

There Is so much more to Sexuality

than what we’ve Been Taught

Is your heart longing for a profound and sacred approach to sexuality? Deepening into this intrinsic part of human experience?

In this workshop with Lotte, you’ll explore authentic Tantric teachings that will view sexuality as a powerful gateway to awaken to a deeper sense of Self-connection and understanding of who you truly are. Sexuality will be placed in the context of the values of the Heart. Through engaging talks and practical exercises, you will learn foundational elements of Tantric sexuality, lovemaking, and the way to develop a heart-based connection with yourself and your partner.


In our society it is rare to question patterned behaviors and common ideas surrounding sexuality. And often we are unconsciously driven by conditionings that leads us away from connection and love. A key part of healing is to create a space where we can fully accept our sexual nature and express it freely in safety, naturalness and mutual respect.

In this workshop you are invited to investigate the basic pillars of a tantric sexual path. We’ll dive deeper in the value of sexual energy on the spiritual path, the ways to harness and redirect all of these energies – techniques that lay at the heart of a tantric practice – supporting more loving intimate relationships and deeper spiritual transformation. Discover how to be present with sexual energy, rather then being overtaken by it. In the essence, it is an act of awareness.

To deepen into the act of conscious lovemaking requires guidance, dedication and training. It is a process of healing old, ingrained patterns and behaviors through the cultivation of a new perspective and approach. Ultimately, this will awaken you to a greather sense of vulnerability, love and empathy. Allowing you to open to a deeper connection in relationship and sexual intimacy and a more authentic experience of life.

Sexuality, when lived free from fear and in mutual respect, is in itself a  healing power, as it connects us with the vital and spiritual powers of life.

This workshop contains no nudity or overt sexuality. It is open to singles and couples.

No previous experience in yoga or meditation is required.


Join me and Explore:

  • Love as the heart of intimate connection
  • Presence and sacredness as the pillars for profound lovemaking
  • Awakening your sexual energy to flow freely within your body
  • Achieving more extended, more relaxed, and quality sex sessions.
  • The role of polarity and partner exersizes
  • Redirecting and controling the sexual energy
  • Different types of orgasms according to the tantric tradition
  • Psychology of the chakra’s in relationship to sexual expression
  • The theory and practice of transfiguration, consecration, and sublimation
  • Healing shame, fear and other limiting beliefs in regards to sexual freedom
  • How to shift from pleasure-seeking to love and communion
  • Improved personal communication.
  • Holistic mind-body-spirit connection with yourself and your partner
  • Meditations to open the Heart


 “Love is a state of being. Sex is energy. Love is wise, sex is blind. Once the true nature of love and sex is understood there will be no conflict or confusion. … Sex is an acquired habit. Go beyond.”
–Nisargadatta Maharaj