How I work?

Love is not an energy we need to chase. Love is not a destination we must be worthy of. Love is our natural state.

Soul motion offers an invitation to come back to that natural state of being. And to reclaim what is already yours!

Through self inquiry, ritual, yoga, somatic practices and dance, we will open up a doorway into deeper self awareness and authentic expression.

By slowing down and remembering the power of feeling, we access our full potential and live from a place of spontaneity and presence.

As we move away from the stories, patterns and constructs that created separation from our true selves, the portal to the soul opens.

And we get to realize that all I ever wanted – love, joy, freedom, peace and truth – is already inside of me.

About Lotte

About Lotte

Above all, Lotte is a deeply passionate truth seeker. Always driven to dive deeper into the essence of her being, she has cultivated a deep value for radical honesty.

Her invitation is to come to explore our true Self beyond all cultural and personal conditioning, or any limiting belief and idea. Her warm, loving approach gives permission for people to come home to themselves. And to feel save enough to remove the armor of the false self and open into a more natural state of being.

She deeply honors what incredibly unique and complex beings we are, all of us with our own truths and gifts to discover. So rather than holding to one type of discipline, she loves to draw from different lineages and practices as a way to deepen awareness, get to know ourselves and actualize our potential.

Lotte has a rich background in body-mind practices rooted in ancient traditions (Yoga, Buddhism, Tantra, Ayurveda and non-duality) as well as contemporary dance techniques, somatics and social psychology. Her theoretical understanding is fueled by her MSc in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology of Non-Western Societies.