Soul Motion

body-mind practices rooted in ancient traditions

Ask yourself...

– Do you want a personal exploration towards freedom and enlightenment?

– Do you want to break with old patterns and belief systems that are preventing you from stepping into your full potential?

– Do you want to engage with yourself, others and life in an authentic way?

– Do you want to discover who or what you are in your deepest essence?

If you answer ‘Yes’ you have come to the right place!

Soul motion…

Offers a practical application of ancient wisdom.

And recognizes the need to integrate a thread of awareness through all domains of life.

Through self inquiry, ritual, yoga, somatic practices and dance, we will open up a doorway into deeper self awareness and authentic expression. By slowing down and remembering the power of feeling, we access our full potential and live from a place of spontaneity and presence.

As we move away from the stories, patterns and constructs that created separation from our true selves, the portal to the soul opens. And we get to realize that all I ever wanted – love, joy, freedom, peace and truth – is already inside of me.

Soul motion…
About Lotte

About Lotte

Above all, Lotte is a deeply passionate truth seeker. Always driven to dive deeper into the essence of her being, she has cultivated a deep value for radical honesty.

Her invitation is to come to explore our true Self beyond all cultural and personal conditioning, or any limiting belief and idea. Her warm, loving approach gives permission for people to come home to themselves. And to feel save enough to remove the armor of the false self and open into a more natural state of being.

She deeply honors what incredibly unique and complex beings we are, all of us with our own truths and gifts to discover. So rather than holding to one type of discipline, she loves to draw from different lineages and practices as a way to deepen awareness, get to know ourselves and actualize our potential.

Lotte has a rich background in body-mind practices rooted in ancient traditions (Yoga, Buddhism, Tantra, Ayurveda and non-duality) as well as contemporary dance techniques, somatics and social psychology. Her theoretical understanding is fueled by her MSc in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology of Non-Western Societies.


  • “Zonder in het diepe ‘gesmeten’ te worden, ga je heel diep! Met een warme begeleiding die je vertrouwen wekt naar de hele groep.”

  • “Lotte Ritzer is a very dedicated yoga teacher, she gives attention to everyone in the group. I was quite nervous to attend the workshop, because I never attended a Tantra workshop before and had no clue what to expect. I know that’s one of my pitfalls, I prefer to stay in my comfort zone and this workshop forced me to come out of my comfort zone. To my surprise, I really liked doing the exercises, some exercises were a alone and some with a partner. I really liked doing the dynamic Osho Meditation. It was a good mixture of exercises. And it is really true: the magic happens out of my comfort zone”.

  • “The workshop helped me gain more insight in myself and build self confidence.
    Keep up the good work”.

  • In Lotte haar werk stroomt haar liefde en passie om je te begeleiden naar wie je in essentie bent. Vanuit haar eigen innerlijke noodzaak daagt ze ook jou uit te gaan staan voor jouw waarheid. Lotte belichaamt haar werk op een zeer mooie natuurlijke manier, ze heeft een rustige geduldige houding, maar ‘fileert’ je graag tot waar jij dat toelaat.

  • Lotte is a wonderful an gifted teacher and facilitator.
    She creates a calm space. Her soft presence and clear observations make a unique combination. She gives space for whatever arises but also lovingly cuts through crap to create clarity if necessary. She sees the bigger picture. I really love the ways she speaks, she knows her way with words.


How I work?

With a diverse offerings of workshops, retreats, trainings and private coaching, I provide you with both pragmatic as experiential tools to empower your life in a lasting way and harness your fullest potential.

Body-mind practices rooted in ancient traditions

Self-inquiry / yoga / ritual / tantra / dance

“The essence of these offerings is that they are not so much concerned with the philosophies about life, but rather with the direct experience of it. It gives us methods to directly experience ourselves and actualize our potential. It is not a believer’s world but one of alchemy and a knowing that comes from living.”

How I work?


Tantra techniques

Through the practical application of Tantra to our modern lives we find the keys to freedom and intimacy we desire. It’s elegantly simple at it’s core. It invites us to bring consciousness to that which was unconscious. So that we can see ourselves with clarity,  knowing our true nature.

Somatics, therapeutic dance & yoga

It’s one thing to understand with the mind and something completely different to have a knowing that comes from deeply experiencing the reality of wisdom through the body. Embodiment practices are giving us the direct tools, to listen to this subtle wisdom and align this to our higher self.


Through deep internal work – individual as well as in therapeutic group processes – we discover and transform limiting beliefs, unmask familial and cultural conditioning. And release old emotional patterns, so that the new can be born through us.


Since ancient times, ceremonies and plant medicine have connected us to the world around us; our ancestors, the planets and the stars, the divine, and our respective deity or creator. Ceremonies create space for grieving and celebration, helping us to see the sanctity of own life while reminding us of our place amongst the cosmos.




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